What is the Early Childhood Education Program?

Ardsley Day Care Early Childhood Education Program is based on a curriculum that is fun and educational. It is developmentally appropriate with a balance of large and small group activities. All of our programs are designed to meet the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of children.  We use the Creative Curriculum which is a philosophy based program that incorporates play into learning.

What are your hours?

Currently our hour are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

What are your fees?

Our tuition rates are based on age groups. A tuition rate schedule is available upon request. We accept several subsidized funding sources such as Child Care Works (formerly CCIS). Please check with the center for specific information regarding fees. Discount rates are offered for two or more children with full-time status. Part-time rates are available for 2 or 3 day weeks.

When is payment due?

Tuition payments are made by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. Payment is expected on Mondays for the week. Payments are always made in advance of services. Tuition payments may be placed in the tuition folder located in each classroom. For credit card payments, a "click to pay" account must be set up with the Assistant Director. Account statements are sent out electronically weekly to email provided by client.

Do you provide breakfast?

(Due to the Pandemic, children must be fed before arriving at the Center.)  We do not provide breakfast, however; parents may bring in breakfast for their child and set it up for them at the lunch table if their child arrives at day care before 8:15 am.

Are meals included?

We provide 1-2 snacks a day - morning and afternoon. Parents provide lunch daily. A Thursday Hot Lunch program is offered at an additional cost.

What do I need to bring for my child?

This will differ depending on the age of your child. A list of items is included in the downloadable forms.

How do I enroll my child?

Call the Assistant Director, Connie Morak, at 215 572-0862 x 2 to set up an appointment to visit the Center.  (During the Pandemic, parents are not allowed to enter the facility.  There is a Virtual Tour posted on the website for your viewing.)  Once you decide this is where you want to send your child (based on our availability) you will receive a packet of paperwork. If the classroom is filled you may request to be put on the waiting list.  A registration fee and the last 2 weeks tuition is due a month before the start date.

How do I enter the building to drop off or pick up my child?

Parents enter the parking lot off of Central Avenue.  They park in the middle section and walk their child to the door closest to the handicapped parking spots.  This door is the only access point from outside the building. This is the only door that families may enter or exit the building. This policy is in place for optimum security and is the safest route for children when dropping off and picking up. (Currently parents may not enter the building due to the Pandemic.  Children are dropped off at the entrance door and staff escort them to their classroom.)

Do you offer before and/or After School Age Care?

(Due to the Pandemic, we offer a Virtual Learning Program and a Hybrid Learning Program which includes before and after school care between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM.)

Before and/or After School care is offered only to students who attend Copper Beech Elementary School in Abington School District, Abington, PA 19001. A school district bus picks them up and takes them to and from school. The bus returns to the Center around 3:30 PM. Attendance is taken, snack is given, homework time provided, outside time, and group activities based on PA School Standards are examples of what happens in the afternoon.

Do you offer a summer camp?
A summer camp is available for any child who has completed Kindergarten to 13 years of age. It is a ten-week program (5-week minimum) which offers many activities, trips, swimming, sports, Science, and technology. Choose the weeks you need or the weeks that interest your child.  A monthly calendar of events is available on our website.

When can I register my child for summer camp?

Summer camp paperwork is available the first week of January. All forms are available online at our website. Paperwork and fees must be returned in order for your child to be enrolled. All children enrolled in our Before and/or After School Program must sign up for camp if they will attend. Camp is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Children K-6th grade are eligible for enrollment.

Do you provide care for early dismissals, teacher's in-service days, winter and spring breaks?

Yes, care is available for those who sign up in advance for an additional fee.

Why do I need ID to pick up my Child?

Identification for anyone picking up children is a must. Once staff persons get to know parents, it may not be necessary to show ID every day, but all parents should have identification on them in case a new staff person is scheduled in that room. Only people designated by the parent may pick up a child and must show photo I.D. A "Parent/Guardian Permission for Release of Child” form must be completed if someone other than the mother, father, or legal guardian is to pick up, even if they are a designated emergency contact person. This form is available on the website.  We feel these policies are in the best interest of the children we serve.

Who is allowed to pick up my child?

A person listed on the Emergency Contact form as the mother, father, or legal guardian may pick up their child. A parent or guardian must have at least one emergency contact person who may also pick up their child. A parent or guardian must complete a "Parent/Guardian Permission for Release of Child" form each time an emergency contact person is to pick up their child or if they need someone not on their emergency list to pick up their child. Anyone picking up a child, including a parent or legal guardian, MUST have a photo I.D. on them at all times.

Is there a Family Handbook?

A Family Handbook is located on our website.  Information regarding our history, classrooms, policies, and procedures can be found in this book.  All families are strongly encouraged to read the handbook at the time of enrollment.

How do I communicate with my child’s teachers and how do I know what they did all day?

You may email your child’s teacher or you may call their classroom.  Your child’s teachers will write a daily note to let you know how your child’s day was and what they learned.  Information regarding bottles, lunch, and snacks, inside and outside activities, weekly themes, changing of diapers, toileting, and disposition are included.  Infant and Toddler parents are asked to provide information in the morning regarding how their child slept, when they were last changed/fed, and anything else the teacher may need to know about their child.  Each classroom writes an email either daily or weekly describing the activities of each day.  They may include pictures of the children at play.  Please make sure that your child’s teacher has current email addresses for those who want this correspondence.