★★★★★ I've been here with my two girls since the beginning of the summer this year and i can not express how lucky i feel to have the staff here care for my children. My oldest is six and my youngest is 2. Ive struggled to find a facility that i truly felt secure and satisfied in the same care i would give my children as a mother. I absolutely love everyone here at Ardsley community center daycare/summercamp!
-- Tara S.

Awesome center where I've had all 4 of children. I loved it there!
-- P. S.

My two girls were cared for and taught so well here from infancy through pre-k. They learned so much, made great friends, and I never worried about them. The staff and administrators are great. They are almost always open (unlike many other day cares). They really bring a variety of activities and outings for the children. Safety is always first. I highly recommend Ardsley Day Care.
-- J. W.

Hi Cyndi-

The Sweetheart Dance this morning was very nice. I don't get a chance to see the kids in action often, and I am sure Gavin will not want me to participate in Sweetheart Dances for very long, so it was a nice break in my day.

Though, what I am really writing to you for is to tell you my appreciation for the Gummi Bear teachers. They are fabulous. Every - single - one of them. Every morning they greet Audrey, Gavin, and I with a smile and ask how our morning was so far. I notice their love for the children in the way that they speak to them, help them, and teach them. They respect the children. In turn, the children learn to respect them. I love the way that Miss. Jess speaks to them. When she asks them to do things, or not to do things, she explains why so that they understand. This might seem elementary, but it's not. Many people don't know how to appropriately talk to young children. And Miss. Michelle and Miss. Carole are great. They both had to put me in my place a few weeks ago and tell me to just finally bring Audrey to school in underwear (I say that jokingly, I appreciated their advice). And guess what, they were right!! I brought Audrey to school in underwear that following Monday, and she has never had one accident since. We do miss Miss. Amanda, though, Audrey may have her again one day when she's upstairs. I don't want to leave out any teacher in the room, I love them all. Part time, full time, they all do a wonderful job. I don't want to clog up your email system with my novel, so I am trying to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Kind words and nice interactions go a long way. When I left the Gummi Bear room this morning, I wanted to stay in their room and hang out all day.

-- Stacy

My son has been at Ardsley since he was 13 months and started in the Care Bears room with Ms. Diane. All of his teachers have been wonderful and caring to parents of all life situations (stay at home and working). They welcome active and involved parents and are extremely responsive to your and your child's needs. I HIGHLY recommend!
-- Nicole Stokes-DuPass

Thank you to all the staff for the wonderful care you have given to my son during the 3 and a half years he was at Ardsley. I appreciate how you all worked to help him be prepared for his entry into Kindergarten.
-- Charrissa Watt-Cyrus

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